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Hello, my name is Jayden Lawrence and I am a 2D animator from Brisbane, Australia. Since I was very young, I’ve loved creating things, mainly with pencil and paper. I used to draw comics and cartoons, which were always heavily influenced by films or video games that I loved at the time. This grew into a passion for animation, which remains strong to this day. I started using Adobe Flash (then called Macromedia Flash) since about the age of 13, and through it I created hundreds of small animations that reflected my sense of humour and interests. Flash opened the doors for me, digitally, and now I have¬†proficiency¬†in not only an array of computer software (especially Adobe products) but also a developing skill in computer science. I attended high school at the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries (majoring in Art and Film) and earned my International Baccalaureate in 2008. I then graduated from the Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Animation in Nov/2013.

Animation is a mix between technical and artistic skills, and I am trying to obtain that as best I can.

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